Nor’easter Beagles is a small hobby kennel on Long Island.  We breed purebred Beagles very selectively, and on average have a litter every 2 – 3 years.  All breedings are carefully planned with the intention of producing healthy and sound offspring, true to proper Beagle type and temperament.  Show quality puppies stay at Nor’easter, and will be shown in AKC conformation events, attaining their AKC Championship before producing any future litters of their own.  Puppies not expected to excel in the show ring are sold with a written contract and health guarantee to pet homes which meet our standards for care.

Jennifer is an avid quilter, and loves spending time with her Beagles, traveling to and competing in dog shows, exhibiting the current and future Nor’easter Champions.  Jennifer is Supporting Membership Secretary of the National Beagle Club of America, as well as being both a Regular and Supporting member of the club, and is also a Supporting Member of the Southern New York Beagle club.

Tony enjoys woodworking, home improvements and of course, Beagles.  While less likely to be handling our Beagles at dog shows, he does assist Jennifer and travels with her to dog shows where he enjoys the comradery and competition of the dog show world.  Tony is a Supporting Member of the National Beagle Club of America and the Southern New York Beagle Club.  He has enjoyed being Show Chairman for the Southern NY Beagle Club annual specialty show, and running the Beagle booth at the AKC Meet the Breeds event at Javits Center in NYC.

Our History in dog shows and breeding came about somewhat by chance, be we take both pretty seriously…

We acquired our first Beagle in the fall of 2004, a 15″ girl named Haley (AKC name Ch. Astro Haley’s Comet), with every intention that she would be a wonderful pet, running around the back yard and going on walks with us…

The following spring, at the urging of her breeder, she was entered at her first dog show, where her breeder handled her and she won her first ribbon.  It was pretty fun for us, but Haley seemed to genuinely enjoy it, so we entered her in another show a few weeks later and she won a ribbon of a different color, and her first Championship points.  We weren’t ‘hooked’ on dog shows yet, but we were on our way!  That April we were married, and two months later Haley was an AKC Champion.

In January 2006 Haley was invited to the AKC / Eukanuba National Championship in Tampa (for being both a Bred-by-Exhibitor Champion and a Top-25 15″ Beagle), and we watched from the sidelines as she won award after award.  Pretty impressive for our ‘pet’ Beagle, and even more exciting since the judge was world renowned Beagle expert and author, Mr. Andrew Brace from the UK.  After that show, we were officially hooked on Beagles, and dog shows.

Haley would become our ‘foundation bitch’, and after careful consideration and research, her first litter was born in December of 2007, during a severe winter storm on Long Island.  While the puppy that would turn out to be the ‘pick of the litter’ was being whelped, we lost electricity, so Gus was born by flashlight.  The winds were howling that night, so Astro Gust of Nor’easter seemed a fitting AKC name, and later became the basis for our AKC registered kennel name, Nor’easter.

Our dog show accomplishments are nice memories, but we are more proud of the joy that our puppies have brought to their families.  After a dog show weekend, whether we’ve won or not, we love coming home and finding emails with pictures and stories that their owners share with us, and we’ve stayed in touch with every family that has welcomed a Nor’easter Beagle as a member of their family.  Some have become close friends who we talk to or get together with a few times a month.  Others share an occasional email and holiday card.  But all know that we’re committed to Nor’easter dogs for their entire life.